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The boxes sold at moving supply stores are high-quality and strong, but they’re also quite expensive, and the cost can add up considerably. Don’t be discouraged – if you don’t mind doing some searching in the months and weeks before moving day, boxes are some of the easiest supplies to get for free! Here are the best places to look ahead of moving day.

Start With Online Marketplaces moving box - true north movers

Many people use Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, or the Letgo app to get rid of old moving boxes, so start your search on one of these. Depending on where you live, you might be overwhelmed with results!

Ask Local Businesses

Most businesses will be more than willing to give up their boxes. Just politely ask an employee at the register to inquire for you. One of the best stores to make a request is a major bookstore like Indigo. Boxes used for shipping books will be strong enough to handle your fragile items, and with weekly shipments, they should have plenty on-hand. 

Also make sure to ask at fast-food restaurants, big-box stores like Walmart and Staples, and coffee shops like Tim Hortons and Starbucks. Any place that relies on cross-country shipping will have excellent boxes. 

Liquor Stores 

Asking at the Beer Store or LCBO will get you some of the best free moving boxes. The cardboard used to transport glass bottles is extremely durable, making boxes from these places perfect for storing and moving fragile items.

Be careful about accepting too many boxes from the LCBO. The boxes made for the transportation of wine and liquor can be awkwardly high and quite narrow, meaning they might not be as useful for many items.

Ask Family And Friends

moving boxes - true north moversA lot of people tend to hoard their boxes long after the move is complete. You’re sure to get loads of offers if you ask friends and family! 

These offers can add up, though. It is easy to end up with an overwhelming mountain of boxes that is much higher than you think it should be. Just remember that having too many boxes is a much better situation than not having enough of them. You can always put the boxes together as you need them, then cart the rest over to the recycling centre!

Make Your Boxes Available To Other Movers

You could also offer them to other movers. There are many more people who are in desperate need of free boxes to make their move more affordable. When you have finished unpacking and breaking down all those boxes, consider putting out your own “Free Moving Boxes” ad on Kijiji, Letgo, or Facebook Marketplace. Moving is a lot easier when we help each other out!