Before signing any papers, it’s good to know what you’ll be paying. That’s why moving companies like True North Movers offer estimates of their services. Before you make a rough estimate in your head based on the prices you see on a company’s website, you can ask them for an official moving estimate based on your needs. Here’s what goes into these moving estimates!

The Different Types Of Moving Estimates


There are two types of moving estimates: a binding moving estimate and a non-binding moving estimate. A binding moving estimate is a price the movers are required to honour as long as nothing changes. If there’s an inventory sheet and they move only what’s on it, the final price should match the figure on the binding estimate. A non-binding estimate is a document with the mover’s best guess of the costs. The final bill might be higher than the number on the non-binding estimate.


According to the government, a moving company cannot charge you more than 10% above the estimate in your contract (i.e. a binding moving estimate) unless you require more supplies or services and agree to the price increase.

The Factors Behind A Moving Company Estimate


The biggest factor behind your estimated cost is distance. The distance from your current home to your new home affects it because movers often charge for the truck and time (in our case, in fifteen-minute increments). The longer the travel, the higher the cost. Google Maps should give you a great idea of the kilometres and travel time.


The next big factor is labour. How many people will you need to complete the job? How many tasks do you need them to do? Packing, loading and unloading, and other jobs like disassembling and reassembling furniture will impact your final moving price.


The truck is the final factor. Whether it’s just a short distance or hundreds of kilometres away, transportation costs and the need for a truck will raise the price of your estimate. If you have a truck and just need a team of labourers to fill it, your estimate will be lower!


Getting Everything In Writing


Once you’ve got your estimate and are happy with it, you can move on to the hiring stage. In hiring them, make sure to know your rights under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act. Consumer contracts for moving services must be in writing if they are worth more than $50, and they must clearly show the terms of your agreement.


The contract for moving services must include

  • The name, address and contact information of the company
  • A description of the services and an itemized list of prices
  • The total amount 
  • The start and end dates for service
  • The terms of payment


What Do We Take Into Account For Your Quote?


The process starts by requesting a quote. We ask for your new address, the desired moving date, the flexibility of the moving date, and what kind of service you need. You can also request a discount if you believe you qualify for one of our specials. The True North team will respond to your request within 24 hours. 


The quote you can request through our website isn’t the same as a moving estimate; it’s a starting point, and quotes give our clients a rough estimate of the costs. For a full estimate, we’ll keep the discussion going, making sure we know your exact needs and take every unique factor into account!