When rain happens on special occasions, many people take it as a sign of good luck. However, for moving families, precipitation in any amount will most likely be seen as a bad thing! If there’s a lot of water, you can track it into the truck if you’re not careful.

Don’t let the rain scare you though – take some extra time and care (and maybe get some extra hands to help out). Here’s how to do it!

Check The Forecast And Take Precautions

If the weatherman predicts a lot of rain on your moving day, or if you live in an area that sees constant precipitation certain tomes of the year, make sure to plan accordingly. Some small precautions will help you and us perform a successful and safe move no matter what the clouds bring!

First, have adequate protection for your boxes and belongings. Even a small amount of moisture can affect cardboard, though this isn’t always the case for moving supplies (more on that below). If you have good enough waterproofing measures, though, you won’t have to worry about damage.

Effective waterproofing starts on the inside: line your boxes with a plastic sheet or garbage bag to reduce the effects of water intrusion (should it happen). Line the bottom with your plastic protection before you put items in, then once the box is full, fold it over the contents. You can also put your items in plastic bags before placing them in the boxes or cover the boxes in sheets or tarpaulin while taking them out to the truck. If you aren’t moving the boxes yourself, label boxes that have to stay 100% dry.

Wooden and upholstered furniture are more items that need extra care. Disassemble the furniture if you can and pack each piece in plastic wrap; if it’s all one piece, wrap the entire item in plastic and cover with blankets.

Consider Placing Delicate Items In Plastic Bins

Plastic storage bins will provide the best possible protection for items that you especially don’t want to get wet: books, important documents, photo albums, etc. You can buy these plastic containers at any large retail store, and they are impervious to water, remaining dry no matter how heavy the rain on moving day. 

Before you or your moving team lug them outside, make sure the containers have lids that fit securely; if there are any cracks, use packing tape and plastic to seal it off.


Use High-Quality Packing Supplies

When gathering supplies, know that newer, more durable boxes are better at standing up to wet conditions than used ones. New cardboard boxes are designed for the moving industry, and this means they are much stronger than you think! Old boxes can be worn in ways that compromise their integrity, and if they have been used before, these boxes may fall apart if they get soggy from the rain.

Unless they’re exposed to wet conditions for a long time, quality moving boxes will give your belongings the protection they need against moisture. Seal them well with packing tape, reinforcing the edges, corners, and bottoms too.

If you’re hesitant about the weather, a professional moving team can keep you on track and help you keep your moving day goals. As professionals, the True North team knows how to protect and load all items, including often exposed items like furniture. We also back everything with a Damage Free Guarantee, giving you peace of mind no matter how much precipitation there is!