Unpacking boxes after moving into a new home should be easier than packing them up for a move: there’s no deadline to beat, so you can work at your own pace and empty your boxes as needed. Still, taking unpacking seriously can help you enjoy your new home! 

When you have a good plan and can stick to it, you’ll see how the job goes by quickly! The room-by-room unpacking should go in proper order: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, storage spaces.


Top Priority Rooms: Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen


One strategy to a stress-free move-in day is to unpack only what you need the first, and possibly the second day. Do this by starting in the three most important rooms, the three you’re going to use first: the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen. 


Which one you choose can depend on the time of day, but the bathroom is the very first room you’ll use in your new home; you can order a pizza to by-pass an unpacked kitchen and sleep in a bedroom that only has the bed, but you and your family are going to use the bathroom many times before you turn in for the night!


Unpacking For Your Recreation And Storage Spaces


When unpacking, don’t rush through the nonessential areas like the living room. Start these rooms by assembling and arranging the large furniture as needed. Don’t waste time making sure all your books are on their shelves or getting the family photos hung up on the wall; these can wait a day or two. 


The last thing on your list should be the storage spaces, like the laundry room or crawlspace. It’s tempting to rush the items you think you won’t need into these parts, but you can’t be sure until you know they won’t be useful. If you pack something in the back of a crawlspace before deciding it’s necessary, you’ll have to pull everything back out! This doesn’t apply to tools and yard equipment, which can go in the garage, shed, or another designated spot. 


Focusing all your attention on unpacking everything may not be the right approach for the first few days. Unpacking isn’t a race against time; after you’ve moved in, slow down and prioritize! This is a lot easier when you have a checklist to guide you. 


Your Checklist For Day Oneblog image of checklist and blue pen writing in boxes true north movers moving company london ontario


When planning your move-in day, use this list as an outline to make sure you don’t forget anything important!


  • Plan each room before unpacking, labeling each box for its destination.
  • Clean the new house (if possible).
  • Consider your eating plans – have a ready-made meal prepared, snacks on-hand, and/or scope out local restaurants.
  • If you brought the perishables from your old house, put them right into your new fridge and freezer.
  • Set up a garbage can and recycling bin.
  • As you or your moving team unloads the truck, place items in or near their designated areas.
  • Unpack your bathroom paraphernalia and put them in their right spots.
  • If you couldn’t clean the house before move-in day, consider giving the bathroom a quick clean.
  • Set up your bed and put on clean bedding.
  • If you have children, let them unpack their bedrooms so they can feel useful and make the space all about them.
  • Line the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Hook up and plug in all appliances.
  • Assemble and arrange your furniture.
  • Try and relax! Have a cold drink and a nice meal – you’ve earned it!