True North isn’t your average moving company. We know London, and with Western University and Fanshawe College bringing in new students every year, we know first-hand how big moving season can be for the city. But not all students are alike, and moving doesn’t begin in late August and end in early May – students come and go as their classes do!

This is why we’re Full-Service Student Movers, completely dedicated to helping the young academics moving in and out of dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and shared apartments across our fair city. Here’s why you should trust True North the next time you need to pack up and get out.

Students are Unique Movers

Remember how we said not all students are the same? The same is true for the process of moving. It’s not all about packing, loading, and unloading; every move has its own needs. Students are usually in a time crunch after their final exams, meaning they have to organize and plan quickly. They also accumulate a lot of stuff that is heavy, fragile, or both, making moving a cautious-yet-backbreaking process.

We’re good at taking some of those things off your list, without any added stress. It’s a guarantee that any damages caused by our moving team will be paid by us. We’ll treat everything, fragile or not like it’s our own property because if we don’t, it just might end up being our property! With this guarantee, we hope to provide students so much more than just the moving truck and the manpower for loading and unloading; we want to bring them peace of mind. student movers moving service local movers true north london ontario

We Help When Help Is Far Away

Students flock to London from all over the world to attend the city’s well-regarded college and university, which puts many of them in a unique position. The people they’d ordinarily call for help – a parent to drive the moving truck, a sibling to carry heavy furniture down the stairs, a best friend to help unload and put things into the new place – can be really far away. They also don’t have ready access to tools that would make the move much easier.

young woman handling cardboard box london ontarioDon’t worry! We have all that special equipment that makes moving safe and easy. Trucks and hand dollies will get all your heavy stuff from point A to point B (and then to point C, and more points if necessary), so you won’t have to shuffle that massive box of textbooks all the way to your destination by yourself. You can also put away your good bed sheets and blankets – our furniture pads are made to protect your items from getting scratched or broken in the truck.

You should trust True North because few other companies know the unique circumstances students can find themselves in. Our dedicated team of Full-Service Student Movers, combined with our damages guarantee, will get you out of your old place and into the new one with no added stress or worry. Whether you’re new to London or sticking around for school, trust True North Movers to make your student needs our top priority!

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