Moving can be very exciting, but it can also be expensive! You don’t need an excuse to look for ways to cut costs – here are the best money-saving tips for moving day!


Tip #1: Look For Moving Supplies You Don’t Have To Buy

cell boxIf you can save on the supplies, moving day will be much less of a financial headache! Boxes are the supplies that are easiest to find. Ask grocery stores if they have any you could use, or check if you can take empty boxes from your office or workplace (for example, printer paper boxes are strong and large enough for most items!). It’s always good to have too many free boxes rather than too few!

Another money-saving tactic is to protect your fragile items with things that double as packing supplies. For example, save any newspaper you get in the weeks or months leading up to moving day and use it as a cost-free packing material. You can also use old sheets and blankets as padding in boxes with very delicate objects.

Don’t forget to offer up your used boxes and packing supplies to other movers, so they don’t have to buy new either!


Tip #2: Optimize The Time Of Your Utility Shut-Downs 

In the months leading up to moving day, go over your bills, and plan the best time to shut off your utilities. Check to see which utilities will or will not prorate the charge as of your departure date; if the billing cycle doesn’t line up with your move-out date, consider cutting the service early to prevent paying for a month you won’t need. 

While electricity is one you can’t do without, ask yourself if there are some utilities you could do without for some time. If it means going a weekend without the internet or a week without cable, it’s probably worth it!


Tip #3: Cut Down On Clutter

overstuffed moving box with keyboard and lamp overflowing the edges blog imageSelling or donating some of your belongings can earn you some cash (or a tax deduction) and eliminate extra weight. Fewer items mean fewer trips, less moving supplies, and less time you need a moving crew. If you sell some of your stuff at a garage sale, you can make some money on your move!


Tip #4: Call-In Some Favours!

If you’re moving on a budget, you’ll probably want to handle the packing yourself. One way to speed up moving day and cut down on the costs of services is to ask your family and friends for some help. For the price of an extra-large pizza and some beer or pop, you could save a lot!


Tip #5: Save Receipts For Tax Time!

You can save long after moving day is over, too! Remember to keep any receipts, invoices, or other supporting documents for all your moving expenses because you can claim them as tax deductions. These include transportation and storage costs, travel expenses, and even the costs related to maintaining your home while vacant. When it comes to filing your taxes, make sure to check (and double-check!) the expenses you can add. Regardless, keep every receipt just in case, because it could come in handy!