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It’s no secret that 2020 has altered almost every part of our economy, and the moving industry wasn’t immune to these changes. Here are the five biggest ways the pandemic has affected how we and our clients move, and how we’ll overcome any future challenges together!

Contact Minimization Is Now The Norm.

The pandemic forced moving companies to limit the contact points between their teams and clients. It’s more than face masks, True North Movers-handshake-reduce contactgloves, and hand sanitizer: we’ll have to plan the ideal route that reduces touching surfaces like bannisters and doorknobs. It also changes how we seal any deals, too – coming are the days where we’ll have to sign documents virtually and be OK with no handshakes!  


Estimating Services Will Be Done At A Distance.

Before 2020, it was common for movers to visit a home ahead of time to a cost estimate. Moving companies have changed how True North Movers-video call notes-distancingthey offer these estimates, including having a client walk us through a virtual tour instead of relying on an in-home survey. Clients may have to give us more information when reaching out for an estimate, but if it helps make people more comfortable and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re all for it!


Job Losses In Other Industries Have Meant People Are Scaling Back.

In many parts of the country, the pandemic saw more movement, not less. While it seems like a contradiction, it makes sense: dorms suddenly closed down in March and people moved to areas they perceived as “safer” (where they could interact with a social circle in safety). But one unfortunate side effect was that more mortgages and rents became unaffordable. As people lost hours and businesses closed their doors, many adults either scaled down their residence or moved in with others. For example, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more adults have moved back in with their parents than anyone predicted. 

This will change what coming generations see as desirable in both home and work. After moving in with parents and seeing what life is like in a larger suburban home, more people would be more comfortable to work from home in these types of homes than in a very small space or a condo. Working from home is becoming a reality for more workers, too!


Moves May Take Longer To Complete

The added precautions described above can make movers more isolated from the client, and they might have to handle tasks on their own. Clients and moving teams have to prepare and plan for moves to take longer than usual and adjust their budgets and practices accordingly. If the client leaves the home to reduce contact with their movers, both parties should prepare to pause work when they face important decisions.


We’ll All Have To Be More Flexible!

Crises like COVID-19 have shown that plans can evaporate almost overnight. This means that moving people and the movers helping them have to be flexible for if plans fall through!

After the industry-altering events of the pandemic, it’s now essential for everyone to know what will happen if a client has to postpone or cancel their move. Rest assured, True North Movers will work with you to minimize disruption and cost, allowing you the freedom to cancel at least 24 hours before your move without penalty.