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Are you making the move from a house to an apartment? Whether it’s your personal preference, a financial necessity, or because your home recently became a little emptier, moving to an apartment is more often a step down, size-wise. This can make the move very overwhelming, especially if you’ve spent years furnishing and collecting enough stuff to fill that home.

There are many simple things you can do to make the move to an apartment easy, both physically and emotionally. All it takes is a little planning!

Start A Moving Inventory

The move should begin as soon as you’ve sold the house or signed for the new place. Any hesitation will mean more blog image of checklist and blue pen writing in boxes true north movers moving company london ontarioscrambling and a lot of extra clutter that just won’t fit into your apartment. Start the move by taking an inventory, listing and sorting the things you want to take, the things you don’t want to take, and the things that won’t be able to find a place in your new home.

Get Rid Of The Items You Won’t Be Taking

Getting rid of things is easier said than done, but have a plan for everything you won’t be taking with you. You could have a garage sale, sell the stuff online, donate it to a local charity shop, store it away at another facility, or simply toss it out (try not to be wasteful!). Just be sure you don’t have any regrets once it’s gone.

Temper Expectations, But Look At The Benefits

Less space in an apartment will have the downsides you can’t really avoid: fewer rooms and less square footage, limited space for storage, and a smaller (or maybe no) yard. These can all sounds like drawbacks, but they also come with benefits, too:

  • A smaller yard means less time having to spend cutting the lawn and weeding the garden. For elderly folks and busy professionals, this definitely a plus!
  • There won’t be any rooms that sit empty/unfinished while you save money trying to make them fancy. Your home decor can be geared towards a comprehensive look that can be done without breaking the bank.
  • Limited storage lets you live a minimalist lifestyle! If you’ve accrued a large collection of stuff over the years, you can pare it down to only the items that mean the most to you.

Simple Tip: Make Sure It All Fits

overstuffed moving box with keyboard and lamp overflowing the edges blog imageEven if you’re fully aware of the size difference, use a tape measure to record the size of the whole apartment anyway. Take into account the stairs/doors leading to your place, too. This way, you and your movers aren’t left trying to squeeze a boxspring, sectional, or chest freezer up three flights of stairs, only to find out it doesn’t have a little spot of its own in your new place!

Furniture Choices

When making your list and taking your measurements, did your current sofa end up on the “things that just won’t fit” list? Take the opportunity to revamp your living room, dining room, and bedroom with furniture that you like and will actually fit! Your choices can also give you a bit more storage space: make a coffee table out of an old trunk, pick a couch with storage beneath the cushions, or choose an ottoman that can also be used as a side table. Give us a call if you have need more advice on preparing for your next move!

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