fragile packing

The variety of items we move in our line of work is really amazing. Londoners count on us to do our job with grace and style befitting their stuff (okay, we throw in the style for free). Grace is especially important because people entrust us to pack, load, and unload some very fragile items! 


Here are the five fragile objects the True North team encounters most often, and how we pack and handle them so they stay intact during the entire move.


#5: Furniture

All furniture is fragile, and movers have to treat even the hardiest cabinet with care! Moving large items across the room, through the house, up to the truck, and unloading it at your new home can cause many dings, scratches, and other damage to the material – that is, unless it’s done with care!


How we handle these items: When moving furniture, it’s important to pad the surfaces and keep the load from shifting in the truck. We break down the furniture if possible, use bubble wrap to secure the smaller parts, cover everything with furniture blankets, and secure them in the truck with straps. As you can imagine, our years of moving furniture have made us very good at Tetris!


#4: Mirrors

Mirrors pose a problem because they are often very large and not easy to pack. Many people make the mistake of packing them in picture boxes without any bubble wrap around the mirror; if the glass of the mirror faces the wall of the box without protection, it will scratch or break. 


How we handle these items: The best way to keep a mirror safe is to wrap it in many sheets of paper or bubble wrap, tape the wrapping tightly around the mirror, and place the mirror in a flat box. Then, we line the flat box with crushed packing paper, filling in any gaps to prevent shifting.


#3: The Home

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include your old and new homes on this list. If you’re not careful with handling the move, scratched walls, scraped floors, chipped paint and scuffed railings are all but inevitable!


How we handle your home: Furniture blankets, moving pads, and carpet protectors are all handy accessories to have. They keep both the item we’re transporting and your walls, floors, stairs and doorways safe and scuff-free. When sliding things across a hardwood floor, large pieces of old carpets, towels, and pieces of clothing are great in a pinch!


Before we do any heavy lifting, we like to plan our route and get an approximation of the items we’re handling. Our team is always equipped with the right gear to prevent damage to floors and walls, but the more we know, the better.


#2: Electronics

Electronics like TVs, gaming consoles, stereo systems, and desktop computers are all very fragile. One wrong shift in the back of the truck can damage their delicate components!


How we handle these items: We’ll ask if you still have the original packaging for your electronics. The box and foam parts the electronics came in is the best protection for your items by far! 


If you no longer have them, detach and gather the cords of each separate device, secure them together with a rubber band or zip tie, wrap the main part of the gadget in a blanket or towel, and put it in an appropriately-sized box (not too big, because the less it rattles around, the better). Label the box “Fragile” and “This Way Up” so you and your movers know to handle the boxes with extra care.


And The #1 Fragile Item We Encounter Is… Dinnerware!

Everyone has dinnerware, and if you have a family, you also have a lot of it. We don’t have to tell you that packing drinking glasses, wine glasses, plates, bowls, and mugs must be done very carefully. Even one broken item can ruin a valuable set or a personal memory that you can’t replace!


How we handle these items: One of the best ways to keep dinnerware from breaking in the truck is the dish pack box. These are special boxes with double-thick sides for added protection; you can get them at any moving supplies store. Before dishes go in the right dish pack box, we wrap them up the right way: glasses and plates get three or four pieces of packing paper or a sleeve of bubble wrap, and we cushion the bottom of the box with more paper so that the items don’t rattle around. 


If you’re concerned about packing your fragile items in a proper way, try the True North team’s packing services. If we pack it, you’re covered by our Damage-Free Guarantee!