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It’s always moving day for someone in Canada. Across the country, 4.4 million people move into a new home every year. This is roughly 1.45 million families and more than a tenth of all Canadians!

While moving habits keep us busy all year, the average family would avoid the most active day if given the chance. But what are the busiest moving days of the year?


The Busiest Moving Time Is Summer Time

The busiest time of year for moving goes from mid-June to September, with most people choosing the end of June. This is when school is over, so families with small children often choose to move at this time so as not to disrupt schooling. It helps parents to get everything and everyone settled into their new home before the classes start again!

The busiest day is often considered to be June 30, and it’s a very sensitive time. This is because Canada Day gives families another day off from work. This extra time lets them unpack and settle into their new home without a lot of stress and hurry. 

It’s not just June 30 though. When the weather is warm and there’s a major long weekend, you can expect a lot of people to start their move. Many people book their rental trucks and movers well in advance of the holidays in May, August, and September. While there are extra precautions you have to take in the winter and early spring, it could be the ideal time for you!


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Should I Move On The Busiest Day Of The Year?

Planning your move on the busiest moving day isn’t for everyone, but it can be hard to avoid a busy time of year. It’s not just because hiring movers or renting a truck is difficult around June; the summer is just busier for everyone, making the roads more crowded. Even if you avoid June 30, dodging another popular day still can be tricky. This is because everyone looks at the calendar and thinks what works best for them, not what other people are thinking.

You can’t always predict when you need to move. A house can stay on the market for months, throwing off all your plans. Maybe you want your family to stay in place until they have finished school or a job. You’ll have to do what’s best for you, your family, and your new home, and sometimes that means moving at the same time as other families!

The biggest mistake is not hiring your movers ahead of time. No matter when you’ve timed the big day, you’ll want to book a team well in advance of your move-out date. If possible, it’s best to hire them two months prior, and if you forgot, try at least four weeks. Contact us to learn more!