A successful, breakage-free moving day starts with good packing. The best way to pack a box all depends on what’s going into the box. Follow these rules and you’ll be packing like a pro in no time!

Rule #1: In A Box, Pack Like With Like

Before you start putting belongings in a box, make sense of what’s going together. Get the boxes you’ll need for each room and try to do a little planning so that you do not mix belongings from different rooms. Then from each room, pack the items based on weight, size, and fragility.

Rule #2: Pad The Bottom


Packing peanuts or bubble wrap can add an extra layer of protection between your stuff and other boxes in a stack or the floor of the moving truck. Pour or line these along the bottom of the box before placing the items in.

Rule #3: Wrap The Items

If certain items are fragile or will occupy box space with fragile stuff, wrap the items with bubble wrap or a good layer of packing paper. Between each layer, cushion the items with foam, towels, or blankets.


Rule #4: Place the Heavier Items At The Bottom

While it might seem like an obvious rule, it’s important to remember when packing on the fly that the heavier items go into the box first, then a cushion, then the lighter, smaller objects. It will keep the boxes from getting top-heavy, preventing them from toppling over.

Rule #5: Fill Empty Space In The Box

Empty space means space in which damage can occur. Any empty parts left in the box can become suddenly filled by the rest of the contents when the truck moves, so try and pack it all up with paper, foam peanuts, or small cloths. Fill the box with more cushioning until it is just full enough because an underfilled box can easily crumple in transit!

Rule #6: Don’t Make It Too Heavy – Or Too Light!

A moving box should not be more than you can comfortably lift, and this usually means around 30 pounds. If it’s a heavier box, label it as such so anyone helping you knows what they’re in for without a back-straining surprise.

Remember the rule about underfilled boxes, too – if it’s very light, make sure it gets packed last into your moving truck or van so it doesn’t collapse under the weight of other objects.

Rule #7: Tape Up And Label The Box

When your box is full, take out your tape gun and make sure it is securely closed. It’s common to just do a strip that closes the flaps together, but adding two more strips beside the one down the middle can ensure that the box stays secure. Once it’s closed, label it based on what’s inside, where it has to go, and whether it’s heavy, fragile, or light. You’re all done, and ready to load that box onto the truck! Contact us if you have any questions.

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