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Student Moving Solutions

Around the world or close to home, the student life often involves a lot of moving.

Beginning when you first leave the family home to live in a student residence, you’re next move comes at the end of the school year, when you either move residences, head home for the summer, or move into a student home with roommate. Perhaps you’re off to a different city for a co-op term, or you’re spending your summer backpacking the world. Whether you need your items moved to and from a residence or a storage facility, we’ve got options for you.

We Offer

Moving Discounts

Got a student valid student id? We’ve got a discount for you! Our discounts are meant to welcome new students to our community and acknowledge that being a student isn’t cheap. Your time is valuable, free it up with an affordable student move. Ready to book?

Hundreds of

Student Moves Completed

While this may be your first time moving, we’ve done this thousands of times. We have trucks and teams to suit all sizes of moves, so if you’ve just got one room to move, that's all you pay for.  We will make your move as stress-free, affordable, and easy as possible, and with our low rates, you’ll free up more time and money to spend on doing the things that matter to you most., whether that’s working, studying, or enjoying some well deserved rest and recreation.

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