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Is a senior in your life planning on moving? Elderly people have a lot of different financial and mobility needs that make new living arrangements necessary. For many, these needs are why they have to move in the first place!

If you’ve stepped up to help them, know that all the little requirements have to be taken into account when you’re moving them out. Here’s what you need to know before the big transition.

You’ll Need To Plan Ahead for Senior Moves London: Time, Space, And Travel

Every move needs a plan, but none more so than senior moves london! They might be in great shape and have a ton of energy, but their age will still restrict what they can do. If you’re a close friend or family member, try and dissuade them from doing everything themselves, and space out enough time to help them complete the move.

One good way to plan ahead is to see a blueprint or flooring plans for the new house. The new accommodations are probably going to be a lot smaller, which makes moving boxes and maneuvering furniture a more difficult job. Rooms can be allotted ahead of time so that all the boxes can go to their proper destination without clogging up the paths. If you’ve hired a moving company, you can even sit down with them to draw up a plan that works seamlessly.

If your elderly loved one has mobility issues, these have to be factored into your logistics. They’ll need a space between the move-out and the move in so that they stay safe and none of the work has to go around them. This is where a moving company can be a big help – you can stay with your elderly loved one while the movers take care of the work!

You’ll Probably Need To Donate Or Consign… But Only With Permission

Like we mentioned earlier, when an elderly loved one requires moving, it’s usually into a smaller space – a one level apartment, a secondary suite, a retirement community, etc. This means getting rid of a lot of excess items that just won’t fit is absolutely essential. This can be a healthy process (paging Marie Kondo) but it has to be done with respect.

Don’t take it upon yourself to get rid of items on behalf of an elderly relative, because you might give away a sentimental heirloom. Ask if they’ll need help with this process, and always get their blessing before putting anything in the donation box.

They’ll Need A Lot Of Help

Many hands make light work, but some people have trouble asking for the help they need. Some seniors might think they can take care of the move themselves (after all, they’ve been taking care of themselves their whole lives!), or that it’s too big a burden on others. But every part of moving services for seniors is physical, and it can take a toll on the elderly. So if you’ve offered to help, ask other friends and family members to help out, too.

If the physical work is too much, you can hire movers to get everything to the new place. It shouldn’t just be any moving company, though; choose a company that knows how to move the elderly with care and sensitivity, that can accommodate the special requirements of senior citizens.  True North Movers is that company, and we can work closely with you to ensure every need is accounted for before we lift even one box! Contact us today to learn more.

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