Are you moving into an apartment in the near future? If you’ve made the leap into a new life and signed your renter’s lease, there are a few things you should know in preparation. Whether you’re out on your own for the first time or downsizing to a smaller space, here’s how to prepare to move into an apartment!

The Basics To Prepare To Move Into An Apartment

stack of boxes in the center of an apartment living room true north movers blog imageBefore you even begin packing, there are a few basics you should cover. Renter’s insurance is a must, and not just because the landlord requires it; it is necessary to protect your possessions and provide some cover in the case of an accident. You shouldn’t expect this to cost a lot of money, so contact your bank or current car insurance provider to set this up.

You might know going into the new apartment what utilities you are responsible for, and if you need to set up water, hydro, gas, and Internet, have these accounts settled before you begin the move. Many of the companies providing these can have the amount owed taken out of your account automatically, which means working them into your budget is a necessity. This is crucial to prepare to move into an apartment.

Next up: change your address. Important information is still often sent by snail mail, even for students believe it or not, but also be sure to update your address with your bank, credit card, doctor’s office, any subscription services you have. Maybe let your friends and family know, too, and set up a forward date and address just in case there’s something (or someone) you forgot.

Planning The Move Into An Apartment

Now that all the details have been settled, you can start planning your move. Scope out the new neighbourhood and get acquainted with the surrounding roads, banks, grocery stores, laundromats, and anything else you’ll need to know. This definitely will make taking care of yourself easier during and after the move!

Planning ahead of time is necessary because you don’t want pack everything into the truck only to find out you can’t even get your couch up the stairs. Know the access you’ll have in the apartment and what will fit in the space provided. Moving in tight spaces can be hard, so definitely have some help, either from family and friends or hired movers who deal with awkward moves professionally!

Because an apartment is often low on space, you might need to downsize before you move. If you have a ton of stuff to move, seriously consider cutting it down through donations or having a garage sale. Again, you don’t want to lug a bunch of stuff to a new neighbourhood only to find out you can’t fit your thirty boxes of books into the apartment!

Consider Hiring Local Apartment Movers

Moving into an apartment is much different than moving into a house. There’s much less space to manoeuvre your stuff, you might not have the room to safely park your truck, and you might not have enough help in the new area the day of your actual move. A team of movers can drive your belongings to the new apartment, take care of the heavy lifting, and get everything done quickly in case you don’t have the time in your schedule to pack and move before starting school or work.

If you’re a student or a senior moving into a new apartment, True North Movers have discounts that will help make this transition much easier and more affordable. With our added Damage Free Guarantee, the move to your new apartment can be done without the stress. Let us know if you want help to prepare to move into an apartment!

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