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Moving from a city or town to the country is a big change. It’s more than a culture shock – your game plan will have to change, too. The differences in roads, utilities, and conditions might make a rural move a bit more challenging, so get prepared by reading the following tips!

Secure A Good Moving Truck – And Someone Who Knows How To Drive It On Rural Roads

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The drive out to your new rural property isn’t always going to be as smooth as one in the city. Driving a truck on gravel roads with potholes, divots in the unpaved surfaces, and more ups and downs make the countryside harder on your stuff. A moving truck or van that is in good condition is a start, but you’ll need someone to drive it with the necessary care and precaution.

This also means you have to secure everything in the back, because you don’t want boxes sliding all over the place as you maneuver through the potholes. Before driving off, make sure everything is tied down with moving straps and blankets. Nothing should be unsecured, but you’ll want the extra padding just in case. 


Understand The New Utilities

Rural areas will sometimes have different access to utilities than urban areas. Some areas have access to the town’s water; other times, it needs to be trucked in. Be sure to ask your real estate agent (if they haven’t already told you) or call the county well ahead of your move-in date so you’re not caught unaware and without power or water!


Get To Know The New Rural Countryside Before Moving Day

rural countryside

It’s important to know where the local stores are, because they might not be as convenient in your new surroundings as they were in the city. Make a thorough Google search to know if you’re going to need to make a grocery trip ahead of the move. 

If your online research is a bust, ask your soon-to-be neighbours about where the good local spots are. It’s also a good way to introduce yourself and meet them (If that’s your thing, of course)!


Have The Proper Gear On Hand When Moving

Many people move to a rural area to get more space, but this space can make the physical act of moving a bit harder. Your access to the truck might be impeded by larger rural landscaping, an uneven driveway surface, and more exposure to inclement weather. Make sure you have proper moving gear on hand, and wear clothing that is appropriate for the conditions. Ask for some additional help, too – after all, many hands make light work!


Prepare Yourself For The Change!

The countryside is a lot different from the city, even if your home has all the modern conveniences you’re used to. For one thing, there are far fewer streetlights, so prepare to have extra lighting on hand (e.g. flashlights, lamps, motion sensor lights, and batteries). 

Rural areas also usually have more wild animals roaming about, so you can’t always keep a garden, store your trash, or leave pets out the way you would on an urban property. Be ready for possums, raccoons, skunks, and even coyotes and deer – if you’ve seen them in the city, you’ll get to know them a lot better in the country!

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