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Is It Bad Luck To Move On A Friday?

black friday moving blog - true north movers

One common moving superstition is avoiding doing the job on Friday. Like skipping the thirteenth floor or knocking on wood, it’s a tradition held by people for reasons they can’t quite explain. Where did this belief come from, and what does it mean? 

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The Busiest Moving Days Of The Year

It’s always moving day for someone in Canada. Across the country, 4.4 million people move into a new home every year. This is roughly 1.45 million families and more than a tenth of all Canadians! While moving habits keep us busy all year, the average family would avoid the most active day if given the…

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How To Prepare For Your Winter Move This Year

When you’re moving, the winter months add an extra layer of pressure to an already stressful time. This layer comes in the form of snow and ice, and when combined with freezing temperatures and bitter winds, moving doesn’t just become more challenging – it can become dangerous. Along with gathering the packing supplies and asking…

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Can You Hire Movers For Just One Item?

one item blog - true north movers

Have you ever cleaned out a room and the only thing left was a large, solitary item? It’s probably the last piece of the moving puzzle because you can’t make it budge! It might sound silly to call a team of experts for just one item, but don’t feel that way. It’s not only appropriate,…

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How Long Does It Take To Complete A Move?

how long does it take to move - true north movers

How excited are you to be moving to a new home? While you’re still feeling that new house high, it’s time to start planning the move. Organizing, packing, and moving your things can’t all be completed in an afternoon. Here’s the timeline you can expect for all the work ahead of you!

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How To Prepare For Our Home Packing Service

packing boxes - true north movers

Packing can quickly turn from a simple task into a month-long endeavour, creating stress and disorganization. If you have a limited amount of time or aren’t physically able to do all the packing, True North has a home packing service that can give you a hand. There are four simple things you can do to…

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Where Can I Get Free Boxes For Moving?

moving boxes - true north movers

The boxes sold at moving supply stores are high-quality and strong, but they’re also quite expensive, and the cost can add up considerably. Don’t be discouraged – if you don’t mind doing some searching in the months and weeks before moving day, boxes are some of the easiest supplies to get for free! Here are…

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Should You Tip Your Moving Company?

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When it comes time to settle the bill with your movers, is there a policy on whether to tip your movers? It may have given you some pause, but because hiring movers is such a rare thing for people, you might not know if there’s some etiquette behind the final transaction like there is in…

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Tips For Moving From Urban To Rural Areas

rural area

Moving from a city or town to the country is a big change. It’s more than a culture shock – your game plan will have to change, too. The differences in roads, utilities, and conditions might make a rural move a bit more challenging, so get prepared by reading the following tips!

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Tips For Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving furniture can be a heavy job, even if you are simply rearranging the furniture in a room. But with a few simple techniques and a high dose of precaution, you can move heavy tables, beds, shelving, and dressers without ruining your back or your furniture! It starts not by using your back, but by…

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