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Are you nervous about hiring movers because you don’t want to hire the wrong people, but you also don’t know what to ask them? A good packing or moving company will be straight with you, making it clear what services they offer and what prices they charge. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dig around, though! 

Here are five important questions to ask your packers and movers before they get started. These queries should give you a clear idea of what you’re paying for before you spend the money!


Can I Get An Accurate Estimate?

Knowing what to budget for a move is difficult for consumers, but that’s why a good moving company provides estimates before needing any commitments. It’s important to know how the company expenses travel time from your old house to the new one, their coverage area, the cost of services, etc. 

All add-ons and services, such as stairs, travel time and more, should be included and laid out in the quote. For example, if you’re moving out of town, the first estimate you get should reflect any additional costs or fees for the distance!


What Are The Exact Moving Services I Am Paying For?true north movers - taping box - moving services

An estimate is one thing; the final bill is another. One reason the moving industry gets a bad rap is that the worst companies spring expenses on their clients at the worst possible times. Some will even try to slip hidden costs into what they charge. Unfortunately, these red flags often come too late for the customer to go with another choice. 

When talking with the moving company, ask for a list of the services for which you will be paying. If their team needs to do a specific task that costs extra, they should let you know before they start any work, not right before the task needs doing!


What Is Your Liability Coverage?

Proper insurance coverage is crucial for moving and packing companies. Talk to the company about the types of liability insurance that protect their crew and your stuff. Ask about the kind of insurance they offer, what it covers, and if you’ll need to pay extra for it. You’ll get a better sense of the company’s credibility, as their liability insurance coverage lets you know that they are up to the services they advertise.


Do You Have References I Can See?

Hearing about the experiences of past customers lets you understand how well the company treats its clients. Ask if you can talk to references to get an idea about their likability among past customers and what you can expect working with them yourself.  

A reliable mover should be able to provide you with a few examples and detailed comments from movers in your area. If they want to respect the privacy of their clients, you should have access to the company’s online reviews. 


What Are Your Payment Terms?true north movers-handing credit card-payment terms

Licensed, reliable movers should be very open about their payment terms. Any amounts they need before starting the job should be a part of the estimate. Get a clear answer about the amount of money they need on a delivery versus previously paid amounts. 

The movers or packers should also take most payment methods, including checks and credit cards. Be very wary if a company gets antsy when you ask because accepting a limited number of payment methods – especially if they only take cash – is a sign that you can’t trust the company. 

Asking these five important questions will let you get to know the moving company before you make your final choice. You’ll also feel more comfortable entrusting their team with your stuff! Don’t think that you’re overstepping your boundaries asking about what you might think are trivial things, like payment terms; asking questions is the best way consumers can protect themselves from predatory companies.