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When planning your move, saving money is almost as important as ease. Almost all moving families look at how they can cut costs: borrowing boxes and supplies, calling up family and friends for help, etc. But what about when you move? Is it cheaper to move during the week rather than on the weekend?

The short answer is that yes, it is often cheaper to move on a Tuesday rather than on a Saturday. Why moving companies change their rates is not complicated, but it can make planning your move more difficult.


Why Is Moving During The Week Cheaper?

There’s a very simple reason why it’s less expensive to move during the week: there’s a lower demand for moving services and equipment. Most people choose to pack, load the truck, and make the move at the best time for them and their work or school situation. Families with small children and people who have regular 9-5 jobs will naturally plan for a weekend to do most of if not all the work.

When a family needs movers or a truck, the companies will often charge higher rates for their services on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This makes it more affordable to move Monday through Thursday, but it’s also a lot less convenient. Not every family can take time off to get all that work done!


The Cons Of Forcing A Move During The Week

move during the week calendar - true north moversA move during the week is a great idea – that is, if you can afford to make this choice. While moving companies might offer a lower rate on a Wednesday, this day will force a family to miss at least a day or two of work and school. It could take more time depending on the distance to the new home. Some people can’t afford to take that much time off!

This is especially true if the move is during summer, another peak time for moving companies. People often choose to move when school is out, making summer a busy time for movers. Rates will change with this demand while moving companies consider winter the off-season. A week off during the winter can be hard for families with children in school or people with mobility issues, and they won’t be able to take advantage of more affordable prices.

Another reason people choose to move on weekends or during the summer is that help is easier to come by at these times. The support of friends and family makes packing and transporting belongings to a new home much quicker. If people choose to move during the week, they may not be able to find as much help.


The True North Advantage

Moving during the week has many advantages, but it’s not realistic for a lot of people. By charging higher rates on weekends, moving companies put people at a disadvantage then, too: at a time when a family needs help the most, they’re stuck paying more money.

Our company makes it easier for moving families, students, and elderly Londoners, and this includes how we charge. We won’t elevate our already affordable prices at a time when you’re likely to be free; rather, we keep them consistent. This makes planning a lot easier, letting you get an accurate estimate that fits within your budget. While we control the pricing, we can’t control the demand – book ahead so you can move when it works best for you!