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In-Home Moves

We often need to move items around our house for a variety of reasons. For large, heavy, or awkward objects, this task can present a real health and safety risk when done alone or improperly. If you need assistance within your home, we can help. Our team of moving specialists can assist you with:


Large/Heavy/Awkward Item Moving

If you need assistance with moving a large, heavy, or awkward item across your home, up the stairs, to the garage or to the basement. We can handle almost everything that you may need to be moved, including beds, mattresses, couches, tables, appliances, safes, light construction equipment and supplies, pool tables, and more. We can disassemble most pieces, relocate them to where you desire, and reassemble.


The first step is making room for the work to do done. Your belongings need to be accessible and protected from damage, dirt, and dust. While this task may seem simple, integrating your belongings into the rest of your home, while maintaining order, flow, and ease of use, requires an expert eye and planning. Our moving specialist will package up what needs to be stored and relocate everything else to your desired location. Once the reno is complete, we put can put everything back, saving you time so that you can get to enjoying your new space as soon as possible.

Home and Business Reorganization

For many of us, our living and working spaces and constantly evolving. Reorganization can be exactly what your space needs to reinvigorate it, make it more accessible, or make room for new additions. Save yourself the time, energy, and backbreaking work for having our team of moving specialist take care of it for you. We are honoured to be invited into our clients home and always treat it with the utmost respect. Enjoy our affordable rates, the confidence that comes with True North Mover’s Damage-Free Guarantee (that applies when items are packed and protected by our staff) and our team of friendly moving professional while you sit back and let us do the work.  

Rental Unit Clean-Out

If you’re a landlord or property manager, you may find yourself in the situation where your tenants vacated a unit without completely clearing it out. Having this sudden and unexpected task can delay the process of finding a new tenant or preparing the unit for a new coming one. We can quickly and efficiently package up items for storage, retrieval, donation, or disposal  (according to government regulation). Our services are among the most affordable in the region and our experience means that we’ll quickly, efficiently, and effectively complete all jobs, saving you money and valuable time.

Same-Building Moves

Many moves occur between units in the same building. If your residence or business occupies a suite in a residential or commercial building, you may find yourself needing to move into a larger, smaller, or newer unit within the same building. As only stairs, hallways, and elevators are involved, we can complete these moves without the added expense of paying for unnecessary equipment or vehicles. Instead, you’ll get our team of experienced and efficient moving specialists backed by our Damage-Free Guarantee (when packed and protected by our staff), to get you enjoying your new space before you know it.

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"My first time ever to use a moving company and It was very well done. They were very fast, and very nice, if I move again I will 100% use this company again."

~ Ashley M

"They moved all my stuff from my storage unit to my new house and I was so happy with the work they did. Would definitely recommend them to anyone."

~ Emily Ford Summers

"Helped me move me and my family. Honest and very cheerful staff - I was totally happy with the whole experience."

~ Sandra Fink

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