The idea of moving large appliances motivates more phone calls to us than anything else. The mere thought of lugging massive fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, and other machines can fill even the strongest homeowner with dread and achy muscles. Luckily, we know how to move these appliances with ease – after all, it’s our job!

Expertly moving a large appliance means getting it out of the house, onto the truck, and into your new place without causing damage. Whether moving them over hardwood, carpet, tile, or laminate, you can trust professional movers like the True North team to have the right skills and tools to prevent dents and rips.

Moving Large Appliances Takes The Right Skills And Tools!

Moving large appliances starts with a plan of attack. We begin by measuring the appliances and comparing them to the pathways we will take to the truck. While narrow halls and doors present difficulties, we can look for alternate routes, taking the larger appliances through alternate paths like back patio doors. In some cases, it may be necessary to take the doors off their hinges (on the appliance, on the doorway, or both) to get some extra space. 

Next, we do the moving! We have a full arsenal of tools to make it easy. One type of simple tool that keeps your floors safe are protective plastic floor guides. We lift the appliance high enough to slip the protective device underneath, and then we pull the guide along with the appliance on top of it. 

Of course, we also have the lifting technique down pat: lift with the legs, using lifting straps and moving harnesses when appropriate. Adjustable lifting straps help our team get the right amount of purchase on appliances when a dolly won’t do while also preventing injuries.

Of course, carts and dollies are still very helpful, preventing damage to both the building and our bodies. They can safely carry several hundred pounds at a time, making them strong enough for any of your appliances. We also have dollies designed to take appliances up and down any stairs!

How Can You Help Us?

One way you can help us (and your next home!) is to make sure that the destination has the power capabilities to handle your appliances and the right space to get them inside. Most movers won’t find out what the home is like until their truck arrives at the new location, so you can give us a hand by measuring its passages and having a spot for the new appliances in mind. 

Next, empty and clean all the appliances. If they’re coming with you, fridges and chest freezers should be emptied, defrosted, and dried out ahead of moving day. The dishwasher and washing machine should also be dry before moving; leave the doors on these appliances open for a few days before moving to keep them free of moisture before we load them on the truck. 

Finally, remove all detachable parts and tape them with their partners (if they have any), mark them, and pack them in a separate box. This way, nothing comes off in the truck and gets damaged or damages other items. Once these are complete, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting!