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When you’re moving, the winter months add an extra layer of pressure to an already stressful time. This layer comes in the form of snow and ice, and when combined with freezing temperatures and bitter winds, winter moves don’t just become more challenging – they can become dangerous.

Along with gathering the packing supplies and asking for (or hiring) extra help, stock up and be prepared for anything weather-related winter can throw at you.

Make Sure Outdoor Pathways Are Clearwinter move wintertime house - true north movers

Keeping the floors clean and free of stuff is common sense, but in winter, you also have to be concerned about slips and falls outside. Make sure the driveway, walkways, and front steps are ice-free with deicer and add a layer of sand for traction. Have extra salt on hand in case the ice doesn’t want to go away.

If you’re working with friends or family to do the moving, make sure everyone has proper footwear.


Protect The Floors

Before starting the work, make sure to protect the hardwood floors and carpets from the winter boots, tracked-in moisture, and chemical salts. Get plastic covering like tarps from a hardware store and lay down floor mats at every doorway leading outside. The house won’t be yours for much longer, so take care to keep the floors in good condition. 


sitting by the fireplace in winter - true north moversHave Blankets And Towels To Protect Sensitive Objects

You don’t want an antique desk or box of books getting wet as you carry it out to the truck. Even worse, you don’t want them sitting in water while they’re on the truck! Have a pile of old blankets and towels ready to shelter your goods for if it starts to snow.


Find Someone To Watch Kids And Pets

Moving in winter requires a little more focus, and this means you won’t have a lot of time to keep small children or pets from getting underfoot. Ask a family member or friend to watch them for the day so that you don’t have to worry about where they are!


Turn Off The Heat, But Have Some Warmth Ready

Bundle up, because it’s going to be cold inside and out! Moving requires the doors to be open for long periods, so turn the heat off before getting started. Otherwise, all the work the furnace is doing will just go right out the door. The last thing you want is a massive gas or hydro bill just as you’re settling into your new home!

One good tactic is to set up space heaters in the bathroom. This provides a small sanctuary against the cold weather. But don’t forget to prepare some warm refreshments like coffee, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider for the crew. Keep it warm in a carafe or slow cooker for all-day comfort.


Be Prepared For Bad Weather During Your Winter Movewinter move bad weather - true north movers

Nothing is worse than a snowstorm for which you didn’t plan. Winter weather can be unpredictable, and slippery roads and poor visibility make it unsafe to drive the moving truck. Give yourself some extra time to complete the move.


Hire Movers! 

Organizing, packing, and moving can be a gruelling process no matter who you are. Winter only adds a level of difficulty that can be very unpleasant. If it all feels like too much, you can hire movers to do the heavy work. Our team is fully equipped and trained to deal with moving in all weather, be it rain, snow, sleet, or hail!