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Packing can quickly turn from a simple task into a month-long endeavour, creating stress and disorganization. If you have a limited amount of time or aren’t physically able to do all the packing, True North has a home packing service that can give you a hand. There are four simple things you can do to prepare your home for our packing team!

Preparing For Home Packing

packing boxes stacked - true north moversOur home packing services are incredibly comprehensive, and this means we don’t ask you to do a lot before we come! However, to help the process go smoothly, we ask that you try and do the following: 

  • Clean the house, keeping the pathways from the various rooms clear so that we can move safely.
  • Get rid of anything you no longer want. Decluttering makes the home a lot easier to move. Whether you trash it, donate it, or put it by the curb with a “free” sign is up to you. Unfortunately, choosing what things get moved isn’t one of our services! 
  • Choose which items you’ll pack and move. This can include jewelry, clothes, work items, and cleaning supplies. 
  • Have your plan in mind. If there are certain items we’ll need special instructions before we pack, please direct us or leave them for us to follow!

After you’ve done these simple tasks, we get to work and take care of everything else.

How Does Our Home Packing Service Work?

The True North team uses only new, high-quality packing products to safely and securely transport your belongings, like corrugated boxes, storage totes, full and skeleton crates, corner pads, furniture pads. Once we have everything we need, we do the following:

  • Label each box or item with your personal information, the package contents, and the room from which it came. This makes finding the new destination for your stuff a breeze!
  • Wrap all glass, ceramic, crystal, and other fragile objects individually before boxing.
  • Disconnect audio and video equipment, then pad and pack securely.
  • Disassemble large furniture and securely store all the related hardware so that nothing gets mixed up.
  • Roll and wrap carpets and rugs so that they do not come unrolled in transit.
  • Pad all other items that are not suitable for boxing or carting. We use extra padding, including additional corner padding, to ensure that all your items arrive without any damage.

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Our team of experienced movers are fully bonded, insured, and backed by our Damage-Free Guarantee (when packed and protected by our staff). They come with the experience it takes to coordinate the most efficient move possible so that your belongings stay safe and secure while also saving you time and (more importantly) money. Our detailed billing means you never pay more than you have to!