When it comes to moving, different generations have different wants and needs, and this includes the Millennials. There’s one thing to make clear about this generation: they aren’t kids anymore! Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 24 to 39 in 2020) is a Millennial. They’re college graduates, grad students, business owners, raising families – and, contrary to popular belief, they’re moving more often than previous generations.

The moving business in London, Ontario is as busy as ever.  Here’s what goes into planning a Millennial-approved moving experience!


Keep It Green

Environmentally-conscious moving isn’t restricted to the Millennial generation, but it’s an important part of almost every Millennial-approved move. It’s a matter of thinking about where the supplies come from, what to do with them after the job is complete, and reducing the amount of single-use items on moving day. eco-friendly

Of the three “Rs,” the one most popular for a green moving experience is “reuse.” Why get new supplies when you’re only going to be using it for one or two days? Some key equipment to do this includes older boxes, reusable bags, luggage, towels, and old blankets. When all the boxes are empty, many Millennials either turn to another “R” – recycling the materials that can go by the road – or help others reuse by sharing supplies with friends or by making them available online.

Even if the new home is an Instagram-worthy place, a Millennial-approved move doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing! Making the move more eco-friendly is one of the factors behind another key part of the Millennial move: getting rid of items that aren’t useful.


Less Is More

The last “R” – reduce – is often put into place well before moving day. Many Millennials use this as an opportunity to get rid of all the stuff that seems to weigh them down. Taking a “digital is in, physical is out” approach, members of this generation spend the weeks ahead of their moving day donating or selling possessions they no longer need. This way, they can start fresh in their new place!

This means that a lot of stuff is a proverbial “millstone around the necks” of Millennial movers. The path to freedom is paved with a limited inventory, so if it doesn’t “spark joy,” it’s out. Whether it’s a local move or one move across the country, the minimalist philosophy means less stuff to carry.

It’s a good trend that everyone can embrace. By selling, donating, or discarding items before you pack box number one, the eventual move will be much easier on you, your family members, and your hired team of movers. It’ll also be more cost-effective – and Millennials are on top of that trend, too!


The One-Stop-Shop

Trying to figure out the costs while packing and doing the logistics for the new place can make moving a very frustrating experience. For the Millennial generation, having a one-stop-shop that streamlines and provides structure to the entire moving process is very important. Luckily, this is what True North offers to its customers!

Coordinating moving details, finding transparent pricing and costs, and determining the quality of a moving company are all key. This makes sense: when the budget isn’t large, knowing the exact total of the bill adds peace of mind. The internet has made this research easy, but our team made it easier still.

We offer free in-home estimates for every move, no matter how small. The price you get includes gas and the distance traveled so that our clients don’t have to worry about hidden fees. It’s our way of simplifying the process so you have less to think about while you do the budgeting, pack your boxes, and get the internet set up in your new home!