You don’t have to live in the city to know that London, Ontario is a college town. This means that, with the semester winding down, thousands of students will be shifting from parent’s homes, university dorms, and student housing to bigger or more preferable accommodations.

If you’re one of them and you’re reading this, you don’t have a lot of time to get into gear and pack! Take these five tips to heart as you move from exam time to moving day.

Gather Your Packing Supplies ASAP

It’s never too early to gather packing supplies, but it can be too late. Pick up boxes, packing tape, labels, sharpies, padding – anything you’ll need to make the move fast, efficient, and safe. Don’t be left scrambling or, worse yet, picking your stuff off the curb when you’ve run past your rental date!

Plan The Move

Efficiency is all about planning, and you’re going to need it when moving. Get a sense of what will need boxes, what will be too big, and how you can pack up your car, trailer, or truck. Ask for help as soon as possible, so you can get some extra hands on deck (or a moving company – see below!).

Label your boxes well, too, so you’re not tearing everything apart in your new place just looking for a bottle opener. Writing what’s in each box only takes a second, but will save you valuable time later!

Rent A Storage Locker (If Necessary)

Storage lockers might seem like an added expense, but they could be very necessary. If you’re moving to a smaller place and can’t part with some furniture, video games, or books you know you’ll want to keep, stashing it safe in a storage locker is a good idea. It’s also a good way of dealing with stuff if you just don’t have time to sort through it.

Don’t Waste Boxes On Fabrics

The impulse to shove everything in boxes is strong, we know, but don’t waste precious space with your clothes, jackets, sheets, or anything else made of fabric. They’ll move just as well in garbage bags or luggage you might have, and it’s a quick and easy job. Just make sure you don’t pick those scented garbage bags!

Book A Moving Company Early

If you’re far from friends or loved ones and have to move furniture, heavy boxes, and other bulky items from one place to another, you’ll definitely benefit from the services of a moving company. It’s their job to get everything safely from point A to B, on time and to your needs. April and May are busy months, too, so make sure you get your name in early!

If you have a valid student ID, we’re just the company for you! True North Movers offers discounts to students on the move, because we know that being a student isn’t easy. Your time is valuable, so free some of it up with our affordable moving services!

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