mone in winter

Moving in winter might raise a few eyebrows among your friends and family, but we understand the impulse. In fact, it’s a great idea! Timing your big move for the winter months can be very smart planning. It can lower your expenses, cut down on stress, and if you play your cards right, even reduce your rent!


True North Moving Winter PackingYou’re more likely to find cheaper rents and leases in the winter

If you’re looking for a new place to rent, the colder season might play to your advantage. Lower demand during winter gives those looking for a new place some room to negotiate with landlords. To get the rent money they’d otherwise lose, the landlord might take a lower rate to get you in as soon as possible.  If you’re a student or young professional looking to save some more money, keep an eye out on listings in November. Just remember that it might not be worth it if you have to cut out early on another lease!

You’ll avoid the heat

Moving in the cold might not seem like a great idea, but it sure beats moving in the height of summer! Moving is a day of constant… well, movement, and the exercise will work up a pretty good sweat. Doing all this work during a colder month is a good way to avoid overextending yourself and suffering through heat-related stress. Of course, it can be too cold, so plan ahead. Dress appropriately, and if the utilities haven’t been turned on yet, run a space heater or two in small, necessary rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

The move can go faster (literally)

In wintertime, you won’t encounter nearly as much traffic (weather permitting, of course). Fewer people hitting the road for vacations, summer weather activities, and, yes, moving will mean less congestion and an easier time for your massive moving truck. If you’re making a long distance move, this could be a saving you a game-changing amount of time and stress.

Movers are less busy in winter

Take it from us: winter is a slower time for many businesses, and this includes movers. Even with all the great reasons to move in winter, not a lot of people actually do it. You can take advantage of this and get moving help when you need it, without having to compete with a lot of other people.

Winter is more flexible for everyone

Sure, winter is less busy for movers, but after the Christmas season, it’s less busy for just about everyone. If you’ve got to call in some favors with friends and family to help you pack, winter is a time with fewer excuses. Just be sure to offer the customary pizza and beer after – regardless of the season, these always taste great after a move!

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