You don’t have to be leaving your home to benefit from a team of movers! True North’s services are especially helpful to anyone putting major renovations into their home. Here are five advantages to hiring movers when renovating your home!


A Moving Company Can Lower Contractor Costs

Movers can help the work go faster and stay on budget. During your home renovation, the builders or contractors will not have time and energy to spend maneuvering around all of your furniture or moving it to another spot in the house. Movers will take care of the work in one go, making sure the canvas is blank for the renovation work. It also means the project will take less time for the (costly) contractors!

Even if you only need to move the furniture to another room, hiring movers can get the pieces to a new spot and away from the work in no time.



You Won’t Have To Move Things To A Storage Unit Yourself

If the renovation takes up a large portion of your home and will take a few weeks, you might think about renting out a storage unit. It’s a good idea, but getting your furniture out of the house, into the truck, off the truck, and into a unit can be a big, time-intensive hassle. The storage locker you get may be in a position that isn’t as accessible as you would like. Calling a team of movers to do this for you is a great idea!


Hiring A Mover Can Keep Your Furniture In Good Condition

Homes undergoing major renovations are messy places: dirty, dusty, and filled with sharp, dangerous tools. If the renovation crew has to move your stuff around during their work, it could put your furniture at risk of scratches, dents, or worse. Your items will be safer if they are stored away from any construction, but most builders are not trained movers. Moving large items requires more expertise than many people think!

When you bring in a moving company to handle your items, you won’t have to worry about them! If your furniture, home decor, and other goods are securely stored away from the construction project, you can rest easy knowing that your stuff is safe from renovation-related work and the dust and debris it kicks up.



Movers Can Protect The Newly Renovated Space Safely, Too

Renovations aren’t cheap, and once you can see the beauty of your new floors, walls, and ceilings, you won’t want them scratched up! Once the work is complete, your movers can bring the furniture in and set it up again, taking both the safety of the items and the integrity of your new room into every movement.


Movers Can Relieve The Stress Of Renovations

Renovations can make even the calmest among us a bit antsy; add the tension with wanting to protect your valuable furniture, and what you end up with is a very stressful time! To take care of the work, why not trust movers like you do your home improvement team? Professional moving companies like True North Movers can add a valuable service to renovation time, keeping everything moving along and without interruption!