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Moving Discount

Moving Solutions For Essential Medical Workers

True North Movers is working to honour the everyday heroes by offering discounts on our packing and moving services to those working in emergency medical services. While you're out there working for people and making a real difference during an overwhelming time, our team is here to make moving easier for you.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, first responders, and other EMS workers get 10% off our services; show us relevant identification when setting up your appointment, and we'll take care of the rest.

Thank you for everything you do!

EMS Discount

Making Moving Easier For Healthcare Workers

The current circumstances have us thinking about the jobs that are truly "essential." While movers are considered essential services, the True North team understands that all things considered, we have it pretty easy! People's relocation plans didn't stop due to the pandemic and moving furniture and proper packing is still very necessary; however, other essential workers are serving their communities to keep everyone healthy and safe. In a city that relies so heavily on health and medical services like London, this means serving the entire province, too.

We understand that, for many people working on the front lines of our healthcare crisis, the cost and work related to relocating can be a physical and emotional burden in an already stressful time. This is why True North Movers is proud to offer a moving discount for EMS workers to make their move as easy and affordable as possible. It's one way we're making reducing the physical and mental stress of moving day at a very stressful time!

Workers taking care of others shouldn't have to worry about their packing and moving on top of their long hours and strenuous work schedule. Let True North Movers make the experience easier.

Safe, Affordable Moves At A Discount For EMS Workers

EMS workers who don't have the time or energy to move can take advantage of our discount to get affordable packing and unpacking services. The True North team can carefully wrap and pack each item to ensure that absolutely no damage occurs. When you hire us to do your packing, we cover everything with a Damage-Free Guarantee, which goes from loading the box to unpacking them in your new residence. Even if you are thinking of downsizing, our team can take the items you chose not to bring to a storage facility, friend or family member, or donation centre of your choice.

It's not just the discount that sets us apart; True North is committed to doing all our work with the pandemic in mind. We plan all our routes in and out of your home or building with minimal contact in mind. Our team is fully equipped with the proper PPE to minimize contact and keep you, your items, and us protected.

The True North team of moving and packing professionals performs every job with respect, empathy, and compassion. Whether you are changing addresses, downsizing to a space closer to work, or relocating to a new community, we are here to take your needs to heart. If you have any special requests about how we perform the move based on your line of work, do not hesitate to ask!

Helping EMS Workers In London And Beyond

The London area is full of medical workers serving every member of our population, and every one of them has had to adjust their lives drastically because of COVID-19. True North Movers provides packing and moving services to every neighbourhood in London, as well as nearby communities such as Aylmer, St. Thomas and Tillsonburg. Emergency medical service workers in these communities can get a discount on our already affordable services!

If you're an EMS worker who is moving to other communities across Ontario, you can trust True North Movers to help you! We have experience with all kinds of high-quality moving opportunities throughout Southwestern Ontario. Check out our glowing reviews from clients across the region, and you'll understand how our services can work to keep you moving, no matter what your circumstances.

It's a small token of appreciation, but we hope that the True North EMS discount can help those who are helping us. If you're a healthcare worker who needs moving services, contact us today and we'll take the pressure off!

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