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Have you ever cleaned out a room and the only thing left was a large, solitary item? It’s probably the last piece of the moving puzzle because you can’t make it budge! It might sound silly to call a team of experts for just one item, but don’t feel that way. It’s not only appropriate, but it could save you a lot of time and money – as well as your back.

Moving One Item To A New Home

moving one item - true north moversMany homeowners doing all the packing, moving and unpacking themselves struggle with that one item that just won’t budge. It could be a piece of furniture or a large appliance, a big screen TV or something as heavy and awkward as a piano. You might not have had the strength, the room, or the right equipment to secure it in your truck. 

It’s a smart move – you don’t want a huge, heavy item to get loose and destroy your other items. If you have reservations about something like a piano or a stove, it’s okay to hire a mover for this item. A team of movers will have the right equipment and truck size to move your heavy item while protecting it from damage.

Moving One Item Within A Home

moving one item to a new home - true north moversThe item doesn’t have to leave the home, though! Many homeowners need to move something within their homes – between floors, say. It could be in the basement or attic or is just too much for them to do by themselves. Some items may need specialized services, appliances and pianos in particular. By hiring a mover, you’re saving yourself and furniture from damage! 

If you’re stuck trying to move one large item, it pays to hire a professional. Our movers can come out and take on the task. Whether it’s a piano, a hot tub, or a large sectional couch, our team can handle any household item you need to move. 

Planning Ahead

box full of items - true north moversWhen it comes to moving, the more information, the better! You can help us put a plan of action together so that our team takes the right route with your item.

  • When contacting us, give us your best estimate of how big the item is, its weight, and its value. This can help us determine the kind of team, equipment, and truck size for the job. 
  • Tell us about the layout. We’ll do our best to plan upon arrival, but if you give notice about a better route to take with your piano, it can save us time!
  • Keep pathways clear so that no last-minute clean-ups slow down the job.

All this information will make the job easier and smoother for both our team and you. The best part is that True North backs even large single item moving services with our No Damage Guarantee!