Moving is a good reminder of just how much stuff we own. Much of this stuff isn’t useful or wanted anymore, and is better known as junk. What do you do with junk before a move? Can you save it for the movers to take out for you? 

It all depends on what kind of junk it is. Please don’t expect a team of movers to remove waste and hazardous material, though!

If It’s Junk You Want To Keep? Sure!

There are many definitions of “junk,” and one of them is “items that we don’t want or use anymore.” In this case, these things can be removed and packed up by movers, but they’ll end up in the truck and at your new home. The moving team will help you pack up, load, unload, and unpack all the items you want to take with you. If you don’t get rid of certain things before moving day, this can mean you’ll have boxes full of stuff you don’t use anymore. 

Because you’re paying based on fifteen-minute increments (at least with True North Movers), the less stuff, the better! To save yourself time and money, get rid of the stuff you have no use for before the movers arrive! You can do this by: 

  • Donating old toys, clothes, furniture, and other purposeful items to charity
  • Offering useful stuff to family and friends
  • Holding a yard sale

If It’s Garbage Junk? Call Removal Specialists

Garbage is best handled by a company that specializes in waste disposal. Movers can’t take out any junk destined for a landfill because moving companies aren’t prepared to handle waste material. This type of job requires safety equipment and the proper receptacles for waste. Removal companies have the training and equipment to handle this type of junk, and they can take it to the proper facilities for you. 

Moving Is A Great Time To Get Rid Of Stuff! 

There’s no better time to great rid of junk than before a move! If you are planning on moving shortly, go through your items and waste. Whether you do it on your own or hire a junk removal service, clearing your home of the things you don’t need will mean fewer boxes and faster service on moving day. It also means a safer environment in which to work, too!

If you have junk to dispose of, make an appointment with a junk removal company right after booking your movers. Don’t ask the movers to take old trash and put it on their truck on moving day because they won’t – it’s nothing personal, it’s just unsafe. 

As for the junk that is safe to move, try and spring clean in the months before your moving date. While some homeowners are great at keeping their home and storage areas neat and organize, many more homeowners aren’t. Stuff that isn’t useful will often get packed up and stored away in the depths of the garage, basement, crawlspace, or in drawers around the house. Getting these items out and deciding on whether to keep them well ahead of moving day will save you time and money!