You have a lot of choices to make when you’re moving, and any one of these decisions could affect the cost, safety, and ease of the move. Often, the first choice to make is what container you will be using for the packing. You have two big options: moving boxes or bins. Which one is the superior choice?

Boxes vs. Bins: Stackability

Stacking boxes is an important part of an efficient move. By maximizing the space you have on the truck, you can free up more room for other items while preventing your stuff from sliding around. Moving boxes fit perfectly with one another, allowing you to stack them right up to their edges. This is opposed to moving bins, which, while they can stack, were designed for storage. This means they generally have handles and wider tops, preventing them from sitting flush with each other.

Who wins? Boxes

Boxes vs. Bins: Reuse

One of the biggest differences between moving boxes and moving bins is how you can reuse them after. Bins make for great general storage, and they’ll protect your stuff from water damage. Moving boxes, however, have little versatility outside of a move, and you’ll need to collapse them and hold onto them for the future, give them to a friend or family member who is moving, or toss them out altogether (luckily most are recyclable!).

Of course, with bins, you have to make sure you’re not ending up with more clutter, either. If you need bins, think about how you can use them later.

Who wins? Bins

Boxes vs. Bins: Affordability

Boxes are a much more affordable option, precisely because you can get a lot of them for free from many local businesses. These aren’t “moving” boxes, but a bundle of heavy-duty boxes you can buy at a local moving supply store can be cheaper than even one bin. However, the maxim of “you get what you pay for” may apply, so pack carefully, especially if the boxes are free!

Who wins? Boxes

Bodies vs. Bins: Safety

When it comes to moving your stuff, safety is of the absolute necessity. Moving boxes and bins both have their pros in this regard, but bins have the slight advantage. Good moving boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, which is a material that provides a lot of protection for the price you pay. However, the plastic that most bins are made from is a tad more durable, and will protect what’s inside from the elements, so no water will soak in by accident. They also won’t tear at the handles, which can happen with even the best corrugated cardboard.

Who wins? Bins (slightly)

Which One Is The Best?

In the boxes versus bins debate, it’s hard to pick a winner! As you can see, both have their pros and cons, but for affordability and space, boxes might take it by a nose. Which one you choose all depends on the fragility of your stuff, the money you want to spend on the move, and how you can use these containers after the move is complete. The best solution? A mix of both!

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