Moving can be stressful and there’s only so much time in one day to get everything done! Most of us are short on time and packing can quickly turn into a big task that can be very time-consuming. Glassware is something we all worry about during a move because of how easy it can break. Here are great ways to pack your glassware during a move so it’s stress-free and organized.

What you will need:

  • Cardboard box for glassware
  • Packing paper, clothing and/or towels
  • cking tape and a permanent marker.



Pad the insides of the boxes with towels or clothing so your glassware has a soft bed of packing cushioning.   


Wrap each piece individually with packing paper first, then bubble wrap. Fragile items need all the protection they can get. Wrapping each piece separately is your best defense against accidental damage.


Place the glasses in one box and dishes upright into a separate box. If you have access to a “cell box” it would be much more convenient and safe during a move.

Forthcell box

Fill any empty space with rolled up packing paper or clothing/socks!


Tape the boxes shut and label “fragile”.

The “cell boxes” aren’t needed but it is a very good tool to keep your glasses safe and separated from each other. Broken glassware is the worst surprise during a move but using this tip can really do wonders!

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