A successful move takes planning, and good planning means organization! Even if you love procrastination and are allergic to planning ahead of time, you should still plan on organizing your belongings in the weeks before moving day. It will save you a lot of time later, making Future You very grateful!

Organize Your Supplies First

Organizing is the start of packing, so make sure you have all the boxes, tape, labels, and other moving supplies first. That way, you won’t get desperate and start overfilling or throwing random items together just to cut time or save on box space – you’ll have all the box space you need already!

Sort By Room To Organize For Your Move

The best place to start is organizing according to the broadest category: by room. Organizing by where the stuff will end up in your new home is a simple plan that can save you a lot of time, both during the move and when you’re unpacking. Just label the boxes “kitchen” or “living room”, mark them as fragile or heavy if need be, and walk it off the truck and into the new home. Ta-da!

When organizing, really try and envision where everything will go in your new home. However, getting that mental image of a fully-furnished room in a different home might be difficult, so do a walk through your new place, or take some pictures to help everything come together in your mind.

Organize For Your Move With Safety In Mind, Too

Once you have things organized by what is going where be smart about how you box them. You’ll want your stuff to make it off the truck and into your new place all in one piece. When packing up your glasses, don’t put them in with stoneware plates or heavy pots and pans just because they’ll all end up in your kitchen anyway.

Of course, it just makes sense that some items that might go in different rooms end up in the same box. Your blankets and pillows, for example, might be items that end up scattered throughout the house, but they should be packed together for ease. Other items, like books, should still be packed by where they will go because books are deceivingly heavy – not making their boxes too heavy will save you back later!

Declutter Your Home

hard-work-packing-london-ontario-blog-imageA great organizational tactic is to have fewer things to pack in the first place. Give yourself time before the move to seriously go through your belongings and decide on what you do and don’t need. It really can be quite liberating!

Using a number of boxes (and garbage bags), go room by room and put things based on items you’ll keep, items you’ll toss, and items you’ll donate or give away. Be very honest with yourself, do the whole “spark joy” thing, and try to reduce the amount of clutter you have. The place you’re moving into will feel more like a home, and less like a repository for random stuff! Reach out to True North Movers if you need a hand to organize for your move.

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