You remembered to update the post office, utility companies, the taxman, and even your dentist of your new whereabouts. Now’s the time to tell your friends and family! 

While you can try to send a series of emails, texts, phone calls, and blank white postcards to each member of your inner circle, these can be hit and miss. They’re also incredibly tedious to send out! Here’s how you can alert everyone of your change of address in a way that will catch their attention, making sure you don’t lose any mail or friends.


Custom Cards


One of the easiest ways to announce when and where you’ll be moving is with a card. This idea doesn’t have to be boring; just think, you may send out Christmas cards every year, and this is no different. In fact, it’s much more useful! Free online editing programs like Canva will give you the tools to create a fun card right on your tablet or smartphone. Take a photo of you or your family with the new home as a background.


You can also use free online tools to make a larger flyer with more information, sending these as PDFs via email. Make a fun collage and include a longer message about your new location.


Mail Them Magnets


Take a photo in front of your new place and have the photo turned into a custom magnet! Your friends and family will throw the magnet up on the fridge to hold bills and menus while remembering where to send the holiday cards and wedding invites. They definitely won’t forget your new address this way!


If You’re In A New City, Send Regional Postcards!truenorth-envelope-body-image


If your move is taking you to a new city, buy regional-specific postcards. This is a great way to draw attention to your change of address, as a fun postcard is more likely to make it on a fridge or bulletin board than a standard white note. Used bookstores and vintage shops often have wide selections of older cards too, which are perfect for when you want your new address notice to stand out among their mail. 


This is also a great alternative to the hand-written note. A postcard still gives you space for a personal note, but not so much that you feel the need to write too much!


When Should I Tell People Of My New Address? 


Postcards are a good option, but make sure to pick some up before you’re in the new city or order them online – you’ll want to send them out before moving day. If you’re using physical mail, try to send them out at least 10 days ahead of time. That way, you’ll be sure the mail gets to its destination with enough time before moving day.


Sending out change-of-address might be easier to do after you’ve closed the deal for your new home and before the moving tasks become overwhelming. Make sure to sit down and list everyone who might need notice so that you don’t miss anyone!