Moving is the perfect time to put “reduce, reuse, recycle” into practice! You can make moving day eco-friendly by putting these five tips into practice. On top of helping the environment, you’ll also save some money! 

Tip #1: Declutter Before Packing

Declutter your home before you start packing so that you only take what you like, need and can use in your new home. This makes the packing process easier, and the less stuff you move, you won’t need as large a moving vehicle or as many trips. The movers will use less fuel and expend fewer carbon emissions during transport!

But don’t put all your unwanted items in the garbage; this only makes things worse, because what could be reused will end up in the nearest dump. Instead, declutter your home in an eco-friendly manner: send hazardous items to the proper facilities, hold a garage sale, and give items in usable condition to thrift stores.


Tip #2: Pack With Used Cardboard Boxes 

Standard cardboard boxes can last between four and seven uses before their life ends, so find some to reuse instead of purchasing new ones. Ask your friends and family if they have cardboard boxes you can use, or visit local stores and speak to management about taking some cardboard boxes off their hands.


Tip #3: Use Supplies You Already Have In Your Home

An excellent way to make your move eco-friendly is by using the packing materials you already have in your home! Baskets and laundry hampers are great for holding towels, clothes, bedsheets, pillows, and other linen items; clean, garbage cans can hold all types of household items; and suitcases are great for packing books, especially if they have wheels on the bottom (books are extremely heavy!). 

By using your old suitcases, bags, and boxes, you will save a lot of space inside your truck while saving money!




Tip #4: Packing Without Plastic

You can keep your items in tip-top condition without using styrofoam or plastic! If you plan on using packing peanuts when packing for a move, make sure they are biodegradable. You can find them made from vegetable oils and cornstarch rather than foam. If you don’t feel like buying them, use some newspaper to cushion your valuables. If possible, use bubble wrap that is made from 40% recycled content rather than the traditional kind.

To give your delicate items and furniture some cushion, use blankets, towels, and bedsheets. Pack these soft items at the bottom of boxes for extra protection!


Tip #5: Be Eco-Friendly After The Move, Too!

No need to toss everything out with the trash – you can unpack in a way that pays attention to consumption, too! If your moving boxes are still in great condition, pay them and any reusable packing material like bubble wrap forward to another mover. If they can’t be reused safely, bundle the cardboard up and put it out with your recycling.

Once you are settled in, stay away from any toxic cleaning chemicals by cleaning your new home using eco-friendly and DIY supplies. You can make some environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies using only baking soda, white vinegar, and water.