Did you know that some moving companies also offer commercial delivery services? If you own a business that’s just getting large orders, but can’t shoulder having to pay several different companies to handle them, calling a mover might be your best bet. Cost and simplicity are just two of the great reasons to hire movers, though – here are five more!

  • No need to do the heavy lifting yourself!

Small businesses can’t always afford the expense of having a dedicated loading and shipping team, especially if largetrue north movers commercial delivery london ontario blog image commercial deliveries are irregular. When you hire a moving company, you’re getting both services outsourced to local people with the experience of moving large, heavy items with care and ease. This way, you also won’t need to purchase the necessary equipment to make a safe delivery.

  • It lowers business liability

With a lot of delivery companies, there’s no one on the hook if things arrive damaged. You can buy supplemental insurance, but good luck fighting with a company on that. If you’re a small business, you want enough peace of mind that you’re covered if something bad happens to your order.

A good moving company will have the extra assurances that put the responsibility on themselves for the move. For instance, True North offers the same Damage Free Guarantee for commercial deliveries that we give to residential moves, meaning if we damage anything, we’ll pay for it!

  • They’re experienced in moving things with care

For large orders, you’ll want people who are experts at moving large things, because your business depends on everything getting from point A to point B intact. A mover provides extra TLC to every move, even commercial ones, because they have the experience you’ll find in a loading dock, trucking service, and delivery company all rolled into one. Plus, you won’t have to share the ride with orders from dozens of other business orders!

  • They’re licensed and insured

Many delivery companies don’t have the same assurances that moving companies have, and this can have an impacttrue north movers wsib ontario logo blog image on how they treat your delivery. Movers should be fully bonded, insured, and compliant with WSIB and government regulations, which covers both you and them should something happen en-route.

  • It’ll get there the same day!

Most of the time, it’s important that a large commercial delivery get somewhere in the city on the very same day. Small businesses can’t wait for the processing of large mail and package companies, and they definitely can’t sit on a large amount of product while waiting for a truck to get to them. You need it out, and your clients it there, and that’s where the magic of movers comes in. Movers will do what their name suggests, with none of the extra nonsense that’ll hold up your order.

true north movers london ontario packages blog imageTrue North Movers is the company to trust for large commercial deliveries in London because we know how important they are too small businesses. We offer 50% off your first commercial delivery, as well as rush and same-day commercial delivery options, all with the Damage Free Guarantee. If you need a cost-effective, safe, and local solution to your commercial delivery needs, trust True North to get the job done!

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