It’s no secret that moving is a very stressful, very thankless job. But it often turns out for the worst because people don’t plan ahead! Many amateur movers are left scrambling when the move-out deadline gets closer and closer, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Just follow these twenty tips for stress-free moving to make the process easy for you and your family! And, of course, you can call us if you need a hand.

1. Make a list of all the packing supplies you’ll need

Need boxes, markers, and tape? Make sure you buy everything you need ahead of time so you’re not running to the store constantly while trying to pack!

2. Get more packing supplies than you think you’ll need

Try and guess how many boxes you’ll need. You’re wrong – you’ll need more! Always go above and beyond when picking up supplies.

3. Clear an area for all your packing supplies

You don’t want to be tripping over boxes while carrying others to the truck. You don’t need the added stress, sure, but you definitely don’t need to add a trip to the hospital to your itinerary.

4. Maybe keep small children and pets out of the way, too

Again, for everyone’s safety and sanity, keep the people/animals who can’t help you move out of the way.

5. Clear your schedule during moving week

For you, moving isn’t something done every day (though it is for us!). This is why a lot of people don’t block off enough time for packing, moving, and unpacking. Make sure you haven’t put too much on your plate so you can do as much as possible while staying stress-free!

6. Make deadlines and keep them

Try and stick to a strict plan for yourself, working with the deadlines you absolutely have to hit. Don’t get caught packing your vases at 11:30 am when you have to be out of the house by noon.

7. Start packing (very) early

Even before the day of the move comes into sight, start packing. Don’t leave it all for the day before!

8. Ask your friends and family for help

You’re going to need some extra hands, so ask your loved ones for help. The more time ahead of the move you give them, the more likely they are to help!

9. Take the lead

While packing up boxes and clearing up, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to the people you’ve asked to help. When properly put to work, many hands can make light work.

10. Have pizza and beer ready as a thank-you

Pizza and beer: the moving world’s number one “thanks for helping me out” gesture.

11. Get rid of your clutter

If you start early, you’re given the chance to do a little spring cleaning. Why take things you’re just going to toss away in your new place?

12. Make detailed labels on all the boxes as you pack them

This will help when you’re moving things into the new place, so you’ll know where everything has to go! Future you will be very grateful.

13. Keep the boxes organized

Pack “like” with “like”. Keep the remotes with the TVs, the pictures with the hooks, the office supplies together, etc. A quality organizational system will make unloading and unpacking a breeze.

14. Pack clothing and toiletries in luggage

Let’s be real – garbage bags for clothing sounds convenient, but it isn’t. A squishy garbage bag will break easily and won’t fit into the Tetris-esque arrangement in your moving van. Your suitcases will be perfect, and you can utilize that extra space.

15. When packing breakable items, secure them the right way, right away

You won’t be able to just remember which boxes need extra TLC. Put breakables in padding, separate items that could break one another, and mark “fragile” on all sides of the boxes. Make sure everyone is aware of what has to be handled with care – especially that wedding china!

16. Make sure you’ve dealt with the utilities

Give yourself some time to shut off the lights and water at one home and make sure they’re working at the other. Don’t try and deal with it all on moving day!

17. Contact movers!

Hey, a lot of the heavy lifting should be left to the professionals! Book a team of movers to give you a hand, and book them early. You’ll save yourself time and a lot of energy.

18. Give your movers information on what they’ll be moving

The movers should be as in-the-know as possible so that the whole process of loading and unloading goes as smoothly as possible. Tell them about potential obstructions, any parts of your property that could be a problem, and an accounting of your possessions.

19. Keep your cleaning supplies at-hand

Don’t pack up the mop and dusters just yet. It’s common courtesy to clean the empty home for the next people coming in, but you’ll also want the cleaning supplies for when you arrive at your new home. You’ll avoid tearing through boxes and the truck just to find the Pledge.

20. Save your moving receipts

From the packing supplies to the pizza and beer, all the receipts from your expenses may come in handy at tax time!

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