The True North team has been helping Londoners with a wide range of moving needs for more than seven years now. Thanks to our amazing customers, we’ve become one of the fastest-growing moving companies in Ontario. 

It’s no secret we’re a favourite among the locals – just check out our Google Business and Facebook reviews! – but there are many reasons why we’re the preferred moving company for London, Ontario. Here are just 10 of them!


Reason 1: Our prices are great!

Moving isn’t an easy thing to do alone, and this is why we keep our prices as low as possible. We price at 15-minute increments so that you don’t pay more than you have to.


Reason 2: We do tough jobs and won’t back down.

As one Google Business review said: “True North took on a tough job (lots of stuff in a small place, and a move out of town) and performed far beyond expectations!” The prep we do ahead of time ensures that we know what kind of job it is and the expectations you have for our team.



Reason 3: We know London and how to move about it quickly.

Construction is a way of life here in London. You don’t drive a massive truck around the city without knowing where roadwork is going to slow you down!


Reason 4: We pride ourselves on punctuality.

You’ll notice a lot of the reviews left on Google Business and Facebook use some keywords: “promptly,” “showed up early,” “on time,” “punctuality” – the list goes on and on! We make it a priority to be right on time because a lot has to be done on moving day – you have no time to waste, and when we’re on the clock, neither do we.


Reason 5: We pay close attention.

One thing is certain in the moving business: every job is different. “Great attention to detail” is something you should expect from your movers. If you have special instructions, we’ll follow them to the letter!


Reason 6: Our team does it all!

We don’t only load your stuff into our truck and move it for you – though if that’s all you need, you got it! The True North team can do it all: help pack if you’re not finished putting everything in boxes, make stops along the way to deliver items you are donating, and get your stuff to that new Point B.


Reason 7: Our skills reflect the diversity of London’s needs!

You may have heard that London, Ontario is the “most average city in Canada.” It sounds like a negative, but it’s not: we’re a mid-sized city with a lot of diversity, both culturally and economically, which makes us a little test kitchen for the rest of Canada. Do you remember when we got McDonald’s pizza before anyone else? 


The True North team can perform both residential and commercial moves of any size. Our city is a hub of education, research, and innovation – we have the skills to reflect this range!


Reason 8: You’ll get no (negative) surprises.

Moving companies have one notoriety to overcome: unreliability. It’s something we try hard to dispel because, well, it’s not fair to the client! This also means we’ll stick to your estimate as closely as possible, with no extras sprung on you at the last minute. 


Reason 9: Added peace of mind.

Do you ever get nervous sweats packing fragile items in a truck? You just want to see everything make it out okay, especially during pothole season. While you can trust our fully licensed, bonded, and insured movers, the Damage-Free Guarantee is something we offer for some extra peace of mind. If you opt for our packing insurance plan, we guarantee your items intact – or we pay for the damaged item!


Reason 10: We know to avoid the Talbot Street Bridge!

Would London be London without the Talbot Street Bridge? Maybe, maybe not, but we do know our trucks would be convertibles if we took that road. Unfortunately, convertible moving trucks would not be very useful – thankfully, our drivers know London, so they’ll pick an alternate route!